Who We Are

KS Financial Services is a family owned and operated company, founded by Kelly Stewart. Our mission is to keep finance and insurance simple for everyday people. Climbing a mountain takes years of planning, preparation, and hard work. We know that conquering the summit of any mountain in life is best achieved with a team. We see your life as a journey to the summit and we want to partner with you on the way. Our mission at KS Financial is to help guide people to protect their hard-earned money while leveraging it to its fullest extent for whatever comes their way.

We help you plan for the summit by being prepped and prepared for today, tomorrow, and the future. We coach you through your own personalized summit plan, we guide you along your personal journey, and we help set anchors for the steep cliffs and rocky paths of life. We desire to help you leave a legacy for future generations.

No matter where you are in life or what your financial situation is, we look forward to starting this expedition with you. We pray, as you move forward towards your summit, that God would expand your vision and that you would be blessed to be a blessing, even after your final breath.

Contact me today to see how I can help you plant the flag of financial freedom at the top of your mountain.

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