Retirement & Social Security Income Protection

Increase and safeguard your retirement income.

Social Security, commonly known as Old Age, Survivors, and Disability Insurance (OASDI), provides basic financial security in the event of death, disability, or aging. Almost every working or self-employed American is covered by Social Security.

When it comes to Social Security, one of the most significant decisions is when to begin receiving retirement payments. You will receive your entire benefit amount if you choose to begin receiving benefits when you reach full retirement age. If you begin receiving benefits before reaching full retirement age, your benefit amount will be decreased. If you choose to defer getting benefits past your full retirement age, your payout will be raised.

Safeguard Your Social Security Income

Regrettably, far too many Americans now believe that Social Security will meet all of their financial demands. After you die, your spouse will get just the bigger of the two monthly SSI payments, and the smaller payment will be forfeited. This could mean losing up to half of your income when you need it the most.

Social Security supplements, not replaces, a comprehensive personal insurance plan. You can enroll in a Social Security Income Protection plan to ensure that your spouse receives both of your incomes for a set period of time after your death, and vice versa. Speak with one of our ATIG agents today to protect yourself!

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