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Annuities are mainly used for retirement purposes as a way to help individuals address the risk of outliving their savings. They are designed to provide a steady cash flow for people during their retirement years and they help retirees sustain their standard of living.
I can assist you in your search for annuities. Here are the most crucial factors to consider when choosing whether an annuity is good for you:
  • Annuities are designed for investors seeking consistent, guaranteed retirement income.
  • An annuity has two stages: accumulation and annuitization. The accumulation phase of an annuity is the first stage in which investors fund the product with either a lump sum or scheduled installments.
  • After the annuitization period, the annuitant begins receiving payments for a set period of time or for the remainder of their life.
  • Annuities can be organized into several types of products, giving the investor options.
  • These products are classified as immediate or deferred annuities and can be fixed or variable in nature.

If you think an annuity sounds like the best option for you, call me now so that we may discuss the next steps for acquiring your annuity.

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