Life Planning

Expert advice to help you get out of debt and make your money work for you.

Planning for Individuals and Families

Retirement Without Paying Taxes

Throughout your working years, you will encounter various long-term savings plans. We believe there is no incorrect way to save as long as you have a minimum level of security for your retirement planning. You should balance more volatile market investments with more secure, guaranteed ones. ATIG provides solutions that generate lifetime tax-free income that you may set and forget while you gamble with the other investing techniques available.

College Preparation

While establishing a family, you may be concerned about how you will pay for your child’s future education. One of the finest methods to do so is with an insurance policy. Your child can use the money tax-free to pay for tuition, or if they opt not to go to college or receive a free college education, they can spend it for anything they like! Automobile, down payment on a house, or retirement savings – all while carrying a life insurance policy that is guaranteed for life.

Marriage Income Protection and Family Growth

We understand that thinking about mortality on “the happiest day of your life” is morbid; yet, planning for the unexpected is the best way to help secure your financial security as a married couple. The younger and healthier you are, the less expensive your life insurance will be. In the event of your spouse’s death, getting a term life insurance policy as a married pair might help with short-term necessities such as paying your mortgage or paying off debts. Furthermore, permanent or whole life insurance might assist you in making future plans, such as paying for education.

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